Educators of all Ilks meet in Second Life

I joined a new group last month, called Adventures in Lifelong Learning.  Today I went to the first ‘official’ organizational meeting on Inspiration Island in Second Life.  I am inspired by the number of people who attended today and also in awe of the talent and range of abilities among the members of the group.  De Landria will hopefully be one of the Opensim local for activities hosted by members of this group as well as for the courses I’m developing.

ALL is a group for teachers and learners of all ages, but especially for those adults and elders who cannot get around so well in the physical realm any longer.  It is important for everyone to keep the mind and brain stimulated, and much of this happens when we socialize.  Virtual socialization has been shown to be effective for people who can’t get out into the physical world, as it provides contact and communication with other like-minded people.

I forgot to take a pic, but I will at tomorrow’s meeting.  I plan to be as involved in this group as time and energy will allow 🙂


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  1. Ghaelen
    Glad you posted this and eager to see what develops going forward!
    Marly- co-founder with Wisdomseeker Lissena of A.L.L.
    and owner of Octagon:Creative Exploration in Second Life

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