De Landria is a place of learning, empowerment, healing, and community gathering in an online, 3D virtual environment.  De Landria Earth Arts is the physical artwork of the De Landria project, which is both virtual (digital art) and physical.  De Landria Earth Arts originated at Kiser Art Studio and includes the more metaphysical art images. incense, ceramics and other items.

We offer physical creations at our Studio Gallery, as part of the Kiser Art Studio Etsy shop (also shown below), and around Eastern Iowa at a variety of Metaphysical and Art Events.  With each successful event, we expand our outreach.  Watch our calendar for upcoming events – we might be in your area!


If you are in the Iowa City area in October, you can talk to Dauna about the De Landria project or store, and see the many De Landria Earth Art pieces at the Metaphysical Expo at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.

At the IC Metaphysical ExpoThe Expo Display – A nice event, even on a cloudy, misty day.

Finished Prayer Bowls in the front, greeting cards, various candle and incense burners, wheelwork, paintings, prints, and masks from Kiser Art Studio, incense in the back.

As more healing artwork becomes available, it will eventually become its own store.  Until then, you can see  De Landria Earth Art pieces offered in the Kiser Art Studio store on Etsy.  Click on the image you would like to see, and you will be taken to the Etsy site.

You can also visit the digital artwork Dauna is creating for the virtual learning worlds in the De Landria Learning Worlds store. These digital items are for use on the Opensimulator platform.  Over time, Dauna will also make them available for purchase as 3D models here on the De Landria site.