De Landria is a collection of virtual worlds that immerse you in historical and healing settings.  It is a website that is the gateway for learners to enter the virtual worlds. It is also a story, woven through the worlds, the website, and other virtual world platforms.

Both world and website areas are under construction. In the meantime, you can visit the De Landria virtual world of De Landria Isla in a virtual multiplayer platform called Sine Space.

A multiplayer platform is basically a game that is using networking technology to enable many people to enter the space at the same time and see each other.  Sine Space is built on what is known as the Unity game ‘engine’, which processes all the coding, imaging, typing, audio, and movement requests from each user’s computer.  OpenSimulator has its game engine built in.  Both are accessed via external viewers or ‘clients’ that reside on the player’s computer.

Here are a couple little video tours:

In Kitely (OpenSim).

Click for instructions in how to get to De Landria Rising in Kitely (OpenSimulator).

De Landria Isla in Sine Space (Unity-based).

Click for instructions in how to get to De Landria Isla in Sine Space.

I also try to hold events in the online game of URU for the fan community there.  KRHI Radio grew out of the fictional story of the D’ni, as did De Landria.  The healing and empowering work I do began long before I played Uru (2004) but the story of the D’ni Guild of Healers inspired me to bring my avocation to the virtual universe.  If you are interested in URU (called MOULa now), visit  Click on the ‘play’ tab to sign up, click on the ‘community’ tab to read/join the forums.

Enjoy your journeys!