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KRHI Radio Metaversal Tour August 19, 2017

Join me (Ghaelen D’Lareh) for a KRHI Radio/Radio KGOH 5+ hour radio broadcast and a Metaversal Mini Tour on August 19, 2017. The music follows us as we change locations in Second Life, OpenSim, the Uru Cavern, and Sine Space. This transformational, ethereal music experience will uplift your spirits as we visit some of my lands around the virtual metaverse.

Information and instructions for joining each platform and navigating to our location can be found here: www.delandria.com/enter-the-delandria-worlds
It is definitely worth registering and exploring in advance, as there is a lot to see in all the platforms!

NOTE: ***No one need move from virtual platform to platform unless they want to. You can listen to the entire broadcast from wherever you are even when I’m ‘officially’ broadcasting in another location.  I’ll talk about where we are and what we’re doing so you can still get an idea of what it is like. Not sure I’m multi-talented enough to also stream video, but I might give it a try. No guarantees. :)***

The broadcast will be live on the inworld land servers in Second Life, Kitely (Opensim), Alien and De Landria Isla (Sine Space), on the KRHI Radio Streaming Page
Radio KGOH Event Stream on Uru Tunes: http://www.urutunes.com (click on KGOH)


Dancing Among the Stars
I’ll be in Second Life (Space Sphere, Spyralle in Park Place) (8:00-9:30am SLT)
The Cavern (hopefully in Ahnonay Space Sphere via Mir-O-Bot) (9:00-10:30am KiTime)

We begin with a 90 minute Quantum Space Experience in both Second Life and in the D’ni Cavern. Dance Among the Stars in the Star Sphere in Second Life , or among the Ahnonay asteroids in the D’ni Cavern.
Sacred Sounds of the Medieval Metaverse
I’ll be in De Landria Rising (Kitely Grid in Opensim) (930-10:30 OST)
The Cavern (Dni-Ae’gura’, Hall of Kings) (10:30-11:30 KITime)

The next hour treats you to Sacred Sounds of the metaverse and through history. We’ll migrate to OpenSimulator and the nun’s monastery in De Landria Rising, taking a brief tour to view the region construction so far and then attending a short medieval concert in the nun’s chapel. The HoK in the City in the Cavern is also a perfect place to hear this meditative, serene music.

If you are in Second Life, there is a lovely ancient Zen Garden that will be playing the music as well
World Rhythms in the Metaverse

Our last stop on this tour is Sine Space. Join us for a 2 hour World Rhythms concert and dance in the region of Alien. Explore the worlds of Space as you listen and drop in for a dance or ten!
(10:30am-12:30pm OST/SLT; 1:30-3:30pm EDT; 7:30-9:30pm UTC
Wind Down in De Landria Isla (Sine Space)

The last 30 minutes of the official broadcast is also in Sine Space, where the prototype of a GoH Healing Age awaits. There, on an island in the mist, we can cool down, watch the sunrise/sunset, and discuss ideas for the GoH Healers’ Age. (I build it in Sine Space because I’m not yet versed enough to build for the MOUL shards) This little island also demonstrates potentials for other community groups interested in expanding out into other platforms in the Metaverse. Finally, I love being on this little island and I want to share that experience with you 🙂
(12:30pm OST/SLT; 3:30pm EDT; 9:30pm UTC

See you around the Metaverse!

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