Building DeLandria

DeLandria worlds are part of the Metaverse – the collection of all 3-D virtual worlds across several virtual universes.  These worlds are accessible to you as a representation of yourself called an avatar.  The learning and healing worlds of DeLandria have emerged within the metaverse of opensim – a virtual world platform in which many ‘grids’ and regions exist open to everyone.  These ‘worlds’ (also called Ages  in the Myst/Uru story) are hosted on computers around the world and themselves ‘host’ stories, learning sites, meeting places, and gatherings that take place in much the same way as in the ‘physical’ world.

One of the few things we haven’t yet been able to include in the virtual world is smell.  But Ghaelen is working on that – her story centers around the study of aromatherapy and the various flora she finds in the many worlds of the metaverse.