Our virtual store in the Kitely Marketplace is for the opensim hypergrid community.  The store name is De Landria Rising, and is one of the fundraising divisions of the De Landria Project.  Ghaelen offers items  for sale on behalf of the medieval villagers, nuns, and monks on Medievalia and on behalf of the Healers at the Revnekan Institute of the Healing Arts on Giloveelay.  Fundraising for the Ladies Forbearance Society was added to the store activities in October of 2015.

New!  Oct, 2015De Landria Celebrations: Charlies Little Pine

The newest (and cutest) little pine tree in the forest.  Sad little guy was brought (ahem – rescued) from the Ladies at the Forbearance Society Estate on one of the De Landria Regions.  He will steal your heart and you will forgive him for dropping needles on your carpet.  The Ladies love Charlie, who inspired the tending (er, overwatering) of his namesake.  Read more of the story in your own pine – available also for export in the Kitely Marketplace.

New! Sept, 2015

De Landria Rising: Vinat Dark Life Dead Trees.  Every death tells a story.
De Landria Vinat Dark Life Dead Tree Collection

De Landria Fall Red Oaks

Dark Fantasy Collection Morning

Fantasy Oaks Product Pic

These are mesh trees in 3D (.dae), specially designed for use in opensim.  Buy them from the De Landria Learning Worlds Store on the Kitely Marketplace and enjoy them in any hypergrid-enabled grid!

Click on the image to ‘teleport’ to the store listing and for more information about that collection.

More images will be added as more items become available.

If you are in any hypergrid-enabled grid, you can teleport to the De Landria Rising Store via the Edummersive Learning Worlds Kitely page.  Come and see the trees up close and personal.