De Landria Rising is a region housed on the OpenSimulator grid called Kitely.  You can visit by registering with Kitely (  or use the hypergrid teleportation system to teleport first to the Welcome Center and then to the De Landria Rising region.

You can tour the area, sit and enjoy the music, or shop along the Lost Merchant’s Trail along the western and southern perimeter of the De Landria Rising region.  The monastery watermill is open for viewing, but the chapel may be off limits.  Knock at the gate and see if the nuns will acknowledge you.


If you are behind a firewall, you may need to adjust the firewall’s settings to allow the viewer to connect with the world using your internet connection.

If you are on another grid, you can type the following uri into your world map search box: Landria Rising    (copy and paste all of it into your map, including spaces).

You may need to eliminate the :De Landria Rising to get to the grid, then search in your map for De Landria Rising.)

If you are already a member of Kitely, click this link to navigate to a web page that will help you get to the De Landria Rising region.

If you are not a member of an OpenSimulator grid with hypergrid capabilities, you can register with Kitely at  The convention on virtual worlds is that you should use an avatar name that is not your real name, for privacy.

Once you have registered, you will need a viewer to see the world.  If you are familiar with Second Life, you will see familiar features in OpenSimulator as well.  The differences may begin with the viewer.  If you are using the Second Life default viewer, you’ll need another to visit OpenSim and Kitely:

OpenSimulator Viewers (most also allow you to use them for Second Life)

Firestorm: (Choose the SL and Opensim version)


Onlook (a lightweight, simplified viewer):

Firestorm and Singularity should have Kitely listed as one of the grids in OpenSim that you can visit once you register with them.  If it is not yet on the grid list, you will need to add it – this is the case with Onlook.

Open the Grid Manager

Firestorm: Navigate up to Viewer menu, then click on Preferences.  This will open a window with many options.  Navigate down to the “Opensim” tab and it will show a list of names and their Login URIs.) You see Kitely listed.  If for some reason it is not there, look for the “Add new Grid” text, paste the following uri into the white textbox:

Click ‘apply’   The grid should now be added to the list.

Singularity: Navigate up to the Edit menu, then click on Preferences.  This will open a window with many options.  Navigate down to the “Grids” tab and it will show one grid name at the top.  Under that will be a button that says “create.”  Click on that.  paste the following uri into the white “Login Uri” textbox:

Click “Refresh Grid URIs”

The window’s information will change and you will see more information about the Kitely grid.  At the bottom of that window, click “OK.”  That window will disappear and you will see the textboxes at the bottom for you to input your information.


  1. The Grid Manager button is at the bottom.  Click on that.
  2. Click the “Create” Button near the top of the Grid Manager window
  3. Paste the Kitely Uri into the “Login Uri” box:
  4. Find the “platform” dropdown arrow just below
  5. Choose “Opensim” (note that you can also use this viewer for Second Life)
  6. Find and click the “Apply” button at the bottom of that Grid Manager Window.  The Splash Screen behind the window will go white then change to say Kitely.
  7. Click “OK” at the bottom of the Grid Manager Window.  Kitely should be the name in the Grid box next to the password.

For all viewers:

Look at the bottom of the window for the words ‘grid’ and make sure it says Kitely.  Now go ahead and log in.

Enter your Username and password you chose when you registered at  Leave “Start Location” alone for now, as you will arrive at a Welcome Center.  Click the checkboxes if you want the viewer to remember your name and password.  Then click ‘Log In’

The viewer may ask you questions about your graphics settings, media permissions, and other preferences for in-world immersion.  You can choose settings and change them later.  If you have an older graphics card, the viewer may warn you that you won’t see everything or won’t see it in detail.  Click OK to see what kind of graphics you can get.  Once you are in Kitely you can ask for help with your graphics settings from people who have had the same issues as yourself (if any).

There are clothes and gifts at the Welcome Center.  Explore the area to find goodies, info about Kitely, and help in getting dressed and moving around!

When you are finished exploring, open the world map and type De Landria Rising into the search box.  The picture in the map will swing to the region and surround it with a circle.  Then click “teleport” to travel to the region.

Alternately, you can go to the web page and tell it which browser you are using and some other information.  It will then transport you to any region in Kitely right from the website.

However you teleport, you will arrive in the Arrival Grove (how appropriate!).  Turn around and look for the map.  It has clickable areas that will take you around the region.  There are also doorway teleports in a few places. that make travel more fun.