Enter the Delandria Worlds

De Landria is a collection of virtual worlds that immerse you in the historical and healing setting. It is also a website that is the gateway for learners to enter the virtual worlds.

Both world and website areas are under construction. In the meantime, you can visit the De Landria virtual world of De Landria Isla in a virtual multiplayer platform called Sine Space.

A multiplayer platform is basically a game that is using networking technology to enable many people to enter the space at the same time and see each other.  Sine Space is built on what is known as the Unity game ‘engine’, which handles all the coding, imaging, typing, audio, and movement requests from each user’s computer.

Here’s a little video tour:

Here’s what you do to get there:

Click here or copy/paste this link into your browser to navigate to the website.

You’ll need to ‘join’.  Choose your avatar gender and look – then fill out the username, email address, password and the rest.

If you already have an account, scroll to the bottom of this page for the browser link to the world.

(At #4 – If you’re interested in possibly creating your own world, collaborating with others to develop a learning space, or make things for sale, leave the box checked that says “I’m a content creator and interested in making content.”  Any upload to Space that you want to control will pass through the creator server and curator processing. Leaving the box checked does not require you to become a creator.)


If you are at all interested in becoming a creator, fill out the form in the next screen and click “Submit Application” at the bottom.  That will initiate more information to come to you via email and allow you to log into the Creator Server (that’s where you check out your creations before publishing them to the Live Server).  You can come back to that site and sign up later:  Space Developer Site

If not, click on the Blue Button “Enter 3D World”  It will take you to the Welcome Centre on the Live Server.

Because this is a platform in beta, the login screens or home pages may change during the early part of 2017.  So you may see a screen like below. If you do, log in. It will take you to the Welcome Centre.

Note: This is also what the standalone viewer login looks like.


If for any reason the Welcome Centre won’t load you can type www.sine.space into your browser. (‘Out of memory’ in the browser means you need to clean your browser’s cache).  You will see the landing page below.  Proceed into the Welcome Center or onto De Landria by clicking the green “Use Your Browser” button in the middle. (Note:  Awesome upgrades are coming for browser entry over the next two months!)


If you’re just joining or this is your first login visit, you’ll see the new Welcome Centre window:
Let the Welcome Centre load.  There may be someone there to help you and there are helps for you to learn the controls.  You’ll also be ‘friended’ with my inworld avatar (ghaelen) right away so I know you’re there.  I’ll send you a message as soon as I see it 🙂

If you’ve arrived for an event, stay in the Welcome Centre.  We’ll direct you to the region.

If you are here for a Healer’s event, or if you want to see the healer’s prototype world, proceed to De Landria Isla from here.

If you are using the Browser:  click here or copy/paste this link into your browser’s address texbox: https://sine.space/locations/delandriaisla


Inworld using the Browser or Viewer Client:  Click the “Explore” button at the bottom of your User Interface screen.  Type De Landria Isla into the textbox just beneath the ‘Map’ word.  Click ‘Enter’.


Once you’ve landed, explore!  There are torches and campfires to light your way if it is dark.  The day/night cycle is only two hours long right now while I get the darkest time lit a bit more.   You can also sit at the campfire or browse at one of the presenter screens.  Don’t miss the sunrise or sunset!

Note: If the world won’t load you can also download the standalone client and login that way.

Link again to De Landria Isla: https://sine.space/locations/delandriaisla

Enjoy your Journey!