Ghaelen having fun with store and story

I have had a lot of fun whipping up enough product to fill a small booth at the Hypergrid Merchant Fair on the Kitely grid.  It begins October 18 and runs through November 1, 2015.  I seem to have done alright for myself, and even have a gift in the Fair region hunt.  I’m also putting together a freebie for freebie lovers.  I have high hopes for earning some development funds this month so I can get that De Landria grid open soon!

Ozwell Wayfarer is the motivating merchant behind the idea of the merchant fair.  It took a while to catch on, but it DID catch on.  I’m glad I accepted his kind invitation.  It’s been a blast, and the region looks gorgeous!  It was fun to talk to the Hypergrid Safari Group during their sneak peek tour of the fair region.

Click on the pic to navigate to the region website.  It will open up for visitors first thing on the 18th. 🙂Merchant Fair Booth Sign

Give yourself time for a four-region wander – there’s a lot here to be seen!

But if all my enthusiasm, nifty items, promise of freebies, and fun display don’t entice you, well….

Let’s try something else, then.

Here’s a glimpse of my dark side.Merchant Faire Booth Night








Healing Institute Expansion

The regents  at the Revnekan Institute for the Healing Arts are expanding the campus on Giloveelay in anticipation for new members and students.  In the meantime I have been conducting outreach healing sessions in the Healing Sanctuary, the Mountain Retreat and, recently, back home in the Cavern.  Here you will find news regarding the expansion as well as updates on the activities of the Guild of Healers and the Ancient Healers’ Guild.  It has not been easy to keep them together in these changing times, but I do my best with the help of a few healers from each guild.


Educators of all Ilks meet in Second Life

I joined a new group last month, called Adventures in Lifelong Learning.  Today I went to the first ‘official’ organizational meeting on Inspiration Island in Second Life.  I am inspired by the number of people who attended today and also in awe of the talent and range of abilities among the members of the group.  De Landria will hopefully be one of the Opensim local for activities hosted by members of this group as well as for the courses I’m developing.

ALL is a group for teachers and learners of all ages, but especially for those adults and elders who cannot get around so well in the physical realm any longer.  It is important for everyone to keep the mind and brain stimulated, and much of this happens when we socialize.  Virtual socialization has been shown to be effective for people who can’t get out into the physical world, as it provides contact and communication with other like-minded people.

I forgot to take a pic, but I will at tomorrow’s meeting.  I plan to be as involved in this group as time and energy will allow 🙂


Building DeLandria

DeLandria worlds are part of the Metaverse – the collection of all 3-D virtual worlds across several virtual universes.  These worlds are accessible to you as a representation of yourself called an avatar.  The learning and healing worlds of DeLandria have emerged within the metaverse of opensim – a virtual world platform in which many ‘grids’ and regions exist open to everyone.  These ‘worlds’ (also called Ages  in the Myst/Uru story) are hosted on computers around the world and themselves ‘host’ stories, learning sites, meeting places, and gatherings that take place in much the same way as in the ‘physical’ world.

One of the few things we haven’t yet been able to include in the virtual world is smell.  But Ghaelen is working on that – her story centers around the study of aromatherapy and the various flora she finds in the many worlds of the metaverse.