About DeLandria

De Landria is a place to learn, discover, engage, and empower yourself through a variety of immersive activities.  Take a college-level lifetime learning course, listen to guided meditations, join a mystery storytelling team, or engage in self-empowerment sessions.   A wide range of 8- week courses make years of learning possible: medieval religious and women’s history, medieval-to-modern visionaries, Victorian religion, women in education, and medieval monastery and manor.

There are two-week seminars in those same topics, and also in other subjects: Self-awareness (using the Myers Briggs personality assessment), understanding ‘the other’, Steps to empowerment, and breathing techniques for better health.

There are also activities that take place throughout the week:  meditations, tours, parties, and spiritual sessions.  Students and members host many of these activities – there is something happening on a De Landria World almost every day!


De Landria is the creation of medieval historian, Dauna Kiser, and melds her love of immersive learning with her varied interests in history, healing, art, and storytelling.  Dr. Kiser’s historical research centers around women in education (Medieval to Victorian), and her passion for building virtual worlds has resulted in the “inworld” classroom that is nothing like any classroom seen before.  She believes strongly in communication across times and places, in quiet but busy discovery, and in a compassionate environment that fosters mutual respect for all people who enter into it.

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